January 04, 2020

Listen, 2019 was rough. I went through some MAJOR emotional rollercoasters some of which were inevitable and uncontrollable and some that were fuelled by my sometimes pessimistic attitude. The first week of December was emotional, I kept reflecting on the past year and was disappointed in all the things I didn't accomplish. I know, I know, I got to stop doing that.

While the first week of December was low, the last week was extremely high. Over the holidays I had a mini family reunion and I have never laughed, cried, and ate so much in my life. The last week of 2019 left me feeling motivated and inspired to bring positive change into my life and I'm hoping I can keep this inspiration going for the rest of the year.

Before I continue on about my complex emotions and some how fall into a deep hole of explaining my astrological chart, I want to end this post with 3 goals I have set for my self this year.

1. Read more: I have an extremely short attention span and I can never finish a book. I always start a book and either get bored, forget about it, or find another book that is more interesting. This year I have challenged myself to finishing 6 books by the end of the year.

2. Learn more about Nepal and my family history: Pretty much self explanatory.

3. Travel: This is always a resolution of mine but throughout the year I'm never content with my travels - I always want to travel more! This year, I want to make it to December of 2020 and be satisfied with the amount I have traveled.

LA on Film

September 18, 2019

A lot of water, a lot of sand, a lot of palm trees. 

SF on Film

Film is magical. I came back from this trip with some of my favourite film photos- ever!

Click me if you want to look cute this Winter

December 21, 2018

This is NOT clickbait. 

I have spent Winters in Toronto, Montreal, and Boston- some of the worst cities in North America to live through during the Winter Season. This Winter I choose to stay warm and stay comfortable while looking good and staying happy.