Is Dior is a copy-cat?!

March 08, 2018


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I've always loved Dior. I loved Dior when they created gowns and pants suits in pastel hues and structures silhouettes. I continued to love Dior as they transitioned to edgier looks by using bold patterns, various textures, and A LOT of sheer fabric.

This transition is all due to Maria Grazia Chiuri, a designer who has paved a new way for Dior and has taken a stand in feminist culture by making strong statements on one of the most influential places- the runway.

While Chiuri has done reputable things, there has been some plagiarism taken place under her reign. It is difficult to place the blame on just one person. It's not even Chiuri's mistake, she has dozens of designers working below her and as a business woman, she chooses their designs as she see's fit.

My sister showed me this article written by Karuna Ezara Parikh, where to my surprise, Dior plagiarized from a brand called People Tree... and this isn't the first time they've plagiarized.

As a brand I've always looked up at, in awe, from the days my friend got me a history book on Christian Dior, to picturing myself in that Dior dress Adwoa once wore, to stalking Alexa Chung at every Dior event- my love for the brand came crashing down to a sincere emotion of disappointment.

Here are my main takeaways from the article:

"Neither Chung, Kapoor nor Elle Magazine are at fault here. As an actress who is most likely advised by a team of sponsors and stylists (including her sister Rhea Kapoor) Kapoor may not have had much say in her outfit. Even if she had, let’s say she simply chose the one that looked good on her. Simple. What’s not so simple has been her silence on the issue since then. In an attempt to keep the big design house happy, Kapoor has kept mum about it."


"No, what it comes down to is this. Maybe you thought a small independent store run by an Indian family cannot sue you because they don’t have a patent in hand, and lord knows not the money. But as a fashion house on which people have pinned their dreams for seven decades, do you want to be known for getting away with plagiarising a design from ethical, dedicated designers because of a legal loophole?"


I'm curious to hear from independent designers. Is this typical of the fashion industry? Is this why they say the Fashion Industry is a dog-eat-dog world? Have you ever gotten your ideas stolen?